Wednesday, 6 March 2013

UVU Elections: What Students Are Saying

"I've definitely ruled out #avenue, because hashtags are tacky and stupid"
- Hannah A, sophomore

"Ignite's posters are really intense, which I like, and the guy in the middle looks like a young George Clooney"
- Andrea K, junior

Not really.
But good free stock photos are really hard to come by.
"Empower gave me free pizza... but Ignite gave me a Jamba Juice coupon, so I'm pretty conflicted over who to vote for right now"
- Timothy S, junior

"Yeah, I voted for Empower, I appreciate that they've been the least 'in-your-face' about campaigning"
- James E, freshman

"I've definitely decided who to vote for, but I think I need a few more people to come and tell me how to click the 'vote' button"
- Georgia P, senior 

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