Friday, 1 March 2013

Salt Lake Woman Swears She Saw That Mummy's Hand Move

SALT LAKE CITY- While visiting the "Mummies of the World" exhibit at the Leonardo in Salt Lake, Alyssa McCorbett startled the fuck out of a room full of people as she leaped, screaming into her husband's arms claiming that a mummy's hand had just 'twitched'.

"It's alive! It's alive!" she shrieked, according to husband, Jordan McCorbett. "Everyone kind of stared at us after that, so I pretended not to know her," he said.

Mrs. McCorbett was apparently too shaken up to be interviewed, but swore to us that she is not insane and has no history of hallucination or paranoia. She did, according to her husband, have a "The Walking Dead" marathon the previous day, which may have been a factor in her experience.

When asked about the frequency of similar events at the exhibit, the exhibit director said "It's actually happened more often I or anyone else expected...kind of unnerving really..."

UPDATE: A custodial worker who wishes to remain anonymous sent the following message to us via e-mail: "Yeah, I put a tiny motor under that mummy's hand and turn it on when I feel like screwing with people. LOL"

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