Sunday, 10 February 2013

'Telemarketing Batman' Brings Justice to Gullible Old People

OREM-When Judy Burns, 65, answered a call from an unknown number Saturday morning, she was not expecting to receive a surprise chiding on answering the phone for telemarketing scams.

“Listen,” said the deep voice urgently, “I’m supposed to be telling you to register for a seminar on real estate investments for a company that does not exist. But don’t do it,” Burns recounted.

The voice then proceeded to instruct the elderly woman on keeping her personal information private and how to get onto the National Do Not Call Registry.

“I thought the seminar sounded really nice, I asked the fellow where I should send the check, but he told me I was missing the point,” said Burns.
This is the third time such an event has been reported. Several elderly men and women in the area have received calls from telemarketers imploring them not to buy their products. It is believed that a telemarketer has turned away from the dark side, and is using their job to warn others against telemarketer schemes. It is possible that one or several individuals are spread out, working from various companies in the area.

The public has dubbed these telemarketing vigilantes ‘the Batman of telemarketing,’ a controversial moniker for sure. Owners of telemarketing companies all over Utah Valley are watching their phone call-making minions closely in order to find the traitor in their midst, while the general public continues to debate the ethics of screwing over telemarketers. 

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