Tuesday, 12 February 2013

PSA: Students Personal Information At Risk Due To Displaying it Flagrantly Before Classmates

Remember in class when you were looking through all those Facebook photos of your inebriated self, having that X-rated conversation with your lover, and googling ‘what do genital warts look like’? Little did you know, but pretty much everyone sitting behind you probably saw them.

When you get out your computer, you could possibly be airing your dirty laundry for everyone in class to see, and they are loving it. That girl to your left was probably dying to tell you to take that awful filter off of all your engagement photos, and the guy in the back corner almost pissed himself at the video of you crying while getting your ass tattooed.

When you put your internet life out there for the world to ogle, you’re essentially creating a free reality show. You think it’s just you, living your happy little internet life, offering uber-secret sexual favors to your professors and logging into your RedTube account, but everyone is watching. Many of them don’t even want to see the ‘saucy pics’ your girlfriend sent you, but hell, it’s more entertaining than a lecture.

Stahp. Don't look.
Next time you open photoshop to enhance your own breasts, have a look at the people behind you. They might look harmless and disinterested, but why take the chance? Do you really want everyone on r/gonewild to know that you’re really only an A-cup?

Upon learning this information, several students reacted with shock that other people were looking at screens that were set right in front of them.

“That is despicable,” said Chris Jensen, “when I open a screen right in front of someone’s face, they should just know not to look. It’s complete violation of privacy.”

Other students freely admitted to being creepers themselves.

“Well, duh” said student Lacey Rowan, “Why would I listen to a lecture when I could be reading some sucker’s job rejection emails? If you don’t want anyone to see the stuff you insist on displaying, just sit in the back for God’s sake. Do it right in front of my face, and it’s an invitation.”

Rowan’s argument was refuted by Jensen as a ‘blaming the victim’ situation. 

If you have been affected by this issue please contact us @the_Hivepress with your story.

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