Monday, 18 February 2013

Celebrate Valentine's Day In The Style Of Various Well-Known Couples

Let's get it onnnnn.

Yes, this is several days late, sue me. No one's reading anyway.

Are you and your girlfriend/boyfriend/hand struggling to spice up the romantic experience? Why not get some inspiration from famous couples present and past ? 

Bonnie and Clyde: Get each other some vintage guns and go rob the local Chevron. When you are arrested and placed in jail, break out together and enjoy a romantic life as outlaws. 
If your love for each other has not yet advanced this far, try getting some Nerf guns and shooting at each other, or at random passersby, until you get tired or removed from the premises. Then drive around aimlessly for a while avoiding police cars.

John and Yoko: Let your girlfriend come with you to poker night with the guys, convince her that your bros would just love to receive advice from her on their gameplay. Once your friends all get sick of her and leave, play poker alone together, naked.

Pierre and Marie Curie: Buy each other some shiny new Geiger counters and go to town with them. Whoever can create/discover the most radioactive material gets to choose where you go to dinner, and whoever doesn't get cancer wins.

...OR the Ronald and Nancy approach.
He gets stuck working while she remodels
his house.
David and Bathsheba: Start your night out in a hot tub (preferably on a roof) to turn up the heat. Then go back to your palace for a night of steamy, sinful lovemaking. Pray that you do not conceive, and that her boyfriend in the Army never comes back to find out. 

 Heidi and Spencer Pratt: This year, give the gift of beauty with some quality plastic surgery. Go get a couple’s package from the local Hollywood surgeon, and then parade your matching facelifts in front of reporters from various tabloids of your choice. Finish the night off by arranging an expensive, romantic dinner and having a fight in front of the whole restaurant. 

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